Building Digital Learning Incubators for Curious Minds

Our mission is to  provide free access to digital infrastructure including computers, internet, software etc. thus creating equal online educational opportunity for economically disadvantaged

What We Do

Digital Learning Incubator

Building Digital Learning Incubators (DLI) is the key to the success of our mission. DLI is the infrastructure that provides the individuals FREE access to Computers, Internet, Software etc., 

Online Courses Library

This is a collection of free online courses from trusted institutions that students can access through DLI. The courses span across Academics (math, physics, biology, chemistry etc. ), Computing, Communication and more


We provide access to resources online that include text books, study material for competitive exams, resume building, interview techniques, webinars etc. 

we are RISE

RISE is a Non Profit organization with a vision to create a platform for economically disadvantaged students to learn and compete with  their peers on the other end of the spectrum.